Sunday, February 1, 2009

No Classic Cars in Charlotte?

I was driving back from church this morning and it popped into my head that I haven't seen any classic cars here in Charlotte. Why is that? Living in California, you see a pretty good number of classic cars on the road. While I was touring and playing music I would occasionally run into old-timers who were part of Model-T Ford restorations clubs. Those were always cool to see, a huge caravan of Model-T's putt-putting down the open highway. In the northern portions of Orange County near the city of Orange and Pomona there were always cool car shows going on. And in my home county you could occasionally spot a beautiful 60's caddillac, '57 Chevy, or more often a 60's Mustang. I owned a 1968 Mustang at one time. But it's in a better place now. A friend of mine, who restores classics, bought it from me and restored it for a relative. I'm glad, because by the end, I was hating that car. I didn't have the time, money or knowledge to keep a car like that up and running. I recently owned a classic 1991 Honda Civic Hatchback and was deeply sorry I had to sell it before moving here. It had over 171,000 miles on it, hardly ever needed any serious maintenance and could sometimes get close to 40 miles per gallon. If GM started making more cars like that then maybe they wouldn't be in so much financial trouble.

Anyway, with advanced auto technology and fuel efficiency and all that, I'm still glad to see mint T-birds, old Chevys, hot-rodded fords, and classic Cadillacs drive past me.

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